Elstead Lighting supply decorative lighting at Albury Park Mansion

Elstead Lighting supply decorative lighting at Albury Park Mansion

Albury Park Mansion is a multi-award winning Grade II listed stately home in the Surrey Hills. It has recently undergone a meticulous restoration and now comprises of 12 luxury suites with world-class standards in craftsmanship and specification.  The property developers (Michael Wilson Restorations and Chelsminster Estates) have restored many of the original features in these stately rooms and recently invited Elstead Lighting to supply decorative table lamps, chandeliers and wall lights into many of the rooms in the state apartments. 

In the King George III Suite (the scene of the coronation banquet of George III, 1761) Elstead specified traditional porcelain table lamps along with Corinthia and Opera Torchieres. In the more transitional style rooms they specified the sparkly Malia semi-flush fitting, Arabesque wall lights and Flambeau’s Bienville table lamps. Then in the modern cinema room placed Ascent floor lamps and a Lex table lamp.

In the Sir John Soane Suite there is a fantastic cathedral room with a beautiful vaulted beamed ceiling; a perfect place for two Carisbrooke 18lt chandeliers which are made in the Elstead factory in Alton. Elstead also placed Remy wall fittings and many table lamps including Libero Silver; several designer mirrors and Gianna chandeliers in the beautiful corridor that leads to the state drawing room.

There is so much fascinating history associated with this beautiful country estate and Elstead Lighting is very proud to be associated with its future.

Click on the images  below for a full screen slideshow of the Albury Park Mansion project.