Stiffel Lamps at Elstead Lighting

Stiffel Lamps at Elstead Lighting

Stiffel lamps are proudly made in the USA and Elstead Lighting have partnered with them to introduce 28 beautiful hand crafted lamps to the rest of the world.  In 2014, Elstead signed an exclusive agreement to wire these lamps to 220-240V specification and distribute them outside of the USA. 

Heavily influenced from the 1920’s to 1950’s period, every Stiffel lamp is an original, created by talented designers and skilled craftsmen. To truly appreciate the beauty of a Stiffel lamp, you must take in each detail and consider the hours of expert craftsmanship that created it: the design, the detail, the finish.

Stiffel Rye photographed at The Elvetham Hotel

The Stiffel Lamp Company was founded in 1932, in Chicago, Illinois by Ted Stiffel. A talented craftsman, Ted Stiffel had a background in fine arts that gave him a unique ability to design innovative and intelligently crafted lamps. Stiffel’s dedication to excellence established the company as the industry leader in quality.

Today that tradition continues with caring and enthusiastic employees, all of whom work towards one common goal – an excellent product. Proudly all of the Stiffel products are still made in America, at their 4,000 square metre facility in Linden, New Jersey.

Many of these lamps are large scale, ideal for statement pieces in large homes, hotels and restaurants.

For more details download the portables catalogue here or visit our Showroom in Alton, UK where we have more than 2,000 products on permanent display.