Bespoke Lampshades

Beautiful handcrafted shades can bring table and floor lamps, as well as wall and ceiling fittings alive with vibrant colours or classic pleated shades.

In the spring of 2018, Elstead Lighting Ltd developed the Designer’s Light Box brand, which focuses on designers and specialist retailers. Supporting this, we also brought the manufacture of handcrafted shades in-house at our new UK facility near Silverstone and at the head office in Alton, Hampshire.

With acquiring this great heritage in shade making, we are delighted to offer a comprehensive collection of hundreds of shape and size options, in over 180 beautifully coloured fabrics.



The choice of shade size is a very subjective and personal choice. Generally, a standard table lamp will use a shade width that matches the height of the base below. But some people prefer long and linear shades if they have a large space to fill and some people like to under-shade to fit in a limited space, therefore may go with the same width for the base and shade.

When replacing an old shade we would require measurements including the diameter of the shade rings at the base and top of the shade as well as the length of the slope or vertical which the material creates.

Measuring Fabric
Continental Shade Carriers
Shade Carrier


Gimbles (a hanging or support frame inside the shade)

When specifying a shade it is important to state whether it is for a table/floor lamp or a ceiling pendant. The gimbles will be made to fit regular E27 lamp holders, but can be supplied with a reducer component if you have an older B22 fitting.

Reversible Gimbles – For maximum versatility the shade can be fitted with a reversible gimble so it can be used on a table lamp or ceiling pendant.

USA Style Gimbles – Please request this saddle carrier if you have an American style table/floor lamp that has a harp and finial carrier.

E14 Candle Clip Shades – 5” shades can be requested for your wall lights or chandeliers. These can be fitted with a candle bulb clip at the top to sit over E14 bulbs or a base gimble that sits on top of the candle tube underneath the bulb. Please specify which option you require.


Shade carrier gimbles allow you to choose the amount of stem shown at the top of your vase or statuette and are common on traditional shades. Most of our soft lined shades are made for shade carriers.

Our range of shade carriers starts at 4” up to 10”. All are made for standard E27 lamp holders, but can be supplied with a reducer competent if you have an older light with an E14 or bayonet cap (B22) lamp holder.




The classic soft tall empire shade can be made in a variety of pleat options including box or pencil pleat (also called fine or knife pleat). Our standard shades are created with 100% cotton fabric with ivory acetate taffeta lining. All shapes and sizes are available in Ivory (off-white) or Oyster.

N.B. All soft shades 12” and above are made for shade carriers.


You can order any of these pleated shades in Silk fabric.

Two-toned Silks – You can choose to have two colours of silk for box pleats only. Alternatively, you can choose a different colour silk lining to the colour of the box/pencil pleat outer shade. E.g. Black silk box pleats over a gold lining – the customisation options are left to your creativity.

Specialist Pleats – Our cotton pleated shades can be upgraded to a pinch pleat using the same or contrasting thread and a co-ordinating trim can be added to customise your shade. Mushroom pleats are also available as a special request.

Send you enquiries to


Most modern designed fabric shades are made with a white laminate lining for a perfect rolled edge and good light distribution. These are available in 10 popular shapes and multiple sizes.

Box Pleat
Box Pleat
Pencil Pleat
Pencil Pleat

Laminated Oval

Laminated Square

Laminated Shallow Drum

Laminated Tapered Drum

Laminated Tall Empire

Laminated Rectangle

Laminated Tapered Square

Duppion Silks Booklet


Elstead shades are available in Silk, Cotton, Polycotton or Hessian. We use the finest Duppion 100% silk fabric that is available in more than 160 vibrant colours. Our standard pleated shades are made from 100% cotton. For a more simple shade we offer 3 standard options of Polycotton and a country collection of prints on Hessian.

Silks – See your local dealer for the silk colour references.

Polycottons – We offer 3 stock colours of Polycotton which are composed of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. Many other polycotton colours are available upon request with a minimum order of 1 metre.

Polycottons Thin

Hessian Country Fabric

Blue and White Fabrics


As part of our bespoke service – you can request shades to be made in your own fabric. To discuss your requirements and for more details on the amount of fabric required contact our shade makers on



All laminated hard shades come with white laminate lining as standard. This allows some light to filter through the shade. Should you wish to have a metallic laminate lining in gold, silver, or champagne, this blocks out the light to the side of the shade and creates an up and down lighting effect from the top and bottom of the shade.

Soft fabric lined shades come with a standard lining made from ivory acetate taffeta.

Lining Swatches
Trim Lining


You can add a flash of colour to a plain pleated shade with a special trim. See below our standard Russia trims that are in stock, but you can specify or supply your own custom trim or ribbon. For more information contact our shade makers on


Custom Shades


Many shaded products in the Elstead Interior Collection 2019 may have customised shades made to match your soft furnishings scheme. Simply enquire with the product code from the catalogue and your ideal shade colour, so we can check possibility and cost.


For those special antique lamps that have unusual shade shapes and sizes, or older fittings whose shades are tired and dirty – Elstead can offer a Recover Frame Service. Simply send in your shade with your specification of ideal shade fabric and colour choice.

Interior Catalogue Spine
Red and White Fabrics


For those projects that demand larger shades, Elstead will be developing over the coming months a service that utilises their 50 years of metalworking, to offer large bespoke manufactured frames for large homes and hospitality projects.


When you have a specific interior design scheme that requires a specialist print or fabric, you can provide our shade makers with your own choice of material. A sample must be supplied to check suitability of fabric for shades and fabric must be supplied on a roll to prevent damage to the material.

Send your custom-made shade enquiries to