FAQ General Fittings


Many of the finishes used on these ranges are hand applied (patinated) and some small variations and irregularities in the finish are to be expected. This is part of the process of manufacture and, far from being a problem, it is an important part of the nature of hand made and hand finished items.

Lamp-Holder Type

Most fittings are constructed with either E14 lamp-holders (Small Edison Screw, sometimes referred to as SES) or with E27 lamp-holders (Edison Screw), sometimes referred to as ES. Appropriate E14 and E27 lamps are widely available in a range of styles, wattages and lights sources including incandescent, compact fluorescent and LED. Some of these lamp-holders are now supplied with threaded skirts, together with candle tubes and shade rings. This means that these products can be used either as a fitting with candle tubes and candle lamps, or with glass using the shade ring. Additionally we make certain fittings which use G9 and GX53 lamps. Lamps are usually supplied with these fittings.


Unless otherwise stated lamps are not included with any fittings constructed using E14 or E27 lamp-holders. However, in cases of G9, GU10 and GX53 lamp-holder types, these fitting come supplied with LED lamps as standard.

LED Compatibility

Where conventional E14 or E27 lamp-holders are used, all of these fittings are compatible to the use of an LED lamp option. See our options on Pages 676 – 677 or choose alternatives available in the market. We recommend to check the lamp dimensions first to ensure the size is suitable.

Stated Maximum Wattages

Most fittings shown in the catalogue are shown with Maximum Wattage recommendations. These recommendations are calculated mainly by heat capability, as there is a correlation between heat and wattage. However, in many countries traditional incandescent lamps and also some Halogen replacement lamps, such as 100W GLS are no longer available. There are now many new versions of LED lamps in the market, featuring a lower wattage but similar or better Lumen output performance compared to originals.  For most of the fittings featured in this catalogue, wattage capacity and certification has been based on the criteria using an original Incandescent lamp and so when choosing lamps, please take care to ensure that wattages specified are of no more than the equivalent original incandescent lamps. In the case of LED, the wattages are far lower, but some of these can still run very hot, not dissimilar to incandescent of much higher power.

Voltages & Hertz

All fittings shown in this catalogue are suitable for 220V- 240V power supply unless stated. These fittings are designed for use with 50Hz frequency although standard mains voltage fittings can also be used in 60Hz locations. However, some ranges are dedicated LED or Low Voltage, 12V to 24V, and these should be checked for local suitability if planned to be used with 60Hz frequency power supply.

Lumens Quoted

Lumens is a term used for the measurement of light output. All Lumens quoted in relation to light fittings, wall lights and ceiling lights are those either provided by the original manufacturers or are Lumens of the light source / lamp.

Optional Fitting Glass & Clip Shades

Many of the ranges shown in this catalogue are featured with “optional glass” or ‘’optional shades”. Where this is referred to, and glass or shades are preferred, please order the glass or shade reference and quantity separately. See our Visual Index page 47. for options.

Flush Convert/Dual Mount

Many of the interior ranges have also been constructed with the ability for the fitting to be easily modified from being a chain fitting into a semi-flush fitting. Note that once converted to semi-flush it is not then possible to easily convert back to a chain fitting, as some re-wiring is likely to be required.


Some of our ranges supplied in matt black can be relatively easily patinated into finishes such as Black/Gold, Black/Copper etc. Equally, for chain suspended fittings that need extra chain and cable, these can also be relatively easily undertaken. Both such modifications may incur longer lead times and will have small additional costs added to the price. (See current Elstead Terms and Conditions.) Beyond this, with appropriate lead time and client budget, more specialised changes can be undertaken such as different colours completely, changes to dimensions and design modifications and even fully bespoke fittings can be considered due to our varied manufacturing resources available.

FAQ Exterior Fittings

Installation Care And Maintenance

When installing all outdoor lights it is recommended to lightly grease all threaded parts and screws / nuts to ensure that fittings can easily be disassembled for cleaning or lamp replacement. When handling certain fittings / finishes such as polished copper they can easily finger mark, so it is recommended that bare hands on these surfaces is kept to a minimum. Please retain receipt and installation instructions for future reference.

Finish Maintenance

Many of our fittings are supplied in a natural finish, i.e. Polished Copper un-lacquered and Teak wood. These fittings can naturally age over time or to maintain their original appearance, treatment is needed, such as oil for teak, beeswax for brass and light oil for Copper and Stainless Steel. When handling finishes during maintenance, small marks may show which can be easily polished away if required. The alternative is to allow the material to age and weather naturally, which does no harm to the fitting. Additionally, when installing cast aluminium fittings, a light coating of beeswax or oil can give the finish extended life, especially when in coastal areas.

IP Ratings

All exterior fittings have an IP (Ingress Protection) rating which is a declaration of how much protection any product has against the ingress of both water and dust / particles. The minimum rating for an outdoor luminaire exposed to rain should be IP23 and the maximum can be up to IP68 (this can vary in different countries) which means the fitting is submersible. Most of our fittings are IP44 or greater and some of the Garden Zone models are up to IP67 meaning they can be covered by water up to a depth of 150mm, such as in-ground lights. See table on the opposite page for full classifications. Typically, the higher the numbers, the higher the performance.