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As I am sure everyone has read or heard, shipping from the Far East remains extremely challenging. In the news recently we have seen a number of stories relating to delayed shipping, limited containers, increased shipping costs and to add more frustration, unavailability of trucks to deliver once the shipment finally arrives in the UK.

To mitigate against these delays we have on order with our suppliers more stock than Elstead Lighting has ever committed to. Production in all of our factories is at maximum capacity and we are doing all we can to catch up on current outstanding orders in preparation for the Autumn and Winter peak period demand.  We have an additional 25 full containers of stock either on route or we hope about to ship, this equates to approximately 1100 pallets of stock destined for Elstead UK and Elstead Poland over the next 2 months. In house manufacturing and assembly continue to work through our existing back-log with Table and Floor lamps at full production capacity after receipt of some much needed components.

It continues to be very difficult to keep up with constantly changing due dates and we are doing all we can to keep these as accurate as possible, please see our stock feed for the latest information. Please set realistic expectations to your customers to prevent anger and disappointment when these goal posts change. Thank you in advance for your understanding in these challenging trading conditions.

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